CuraFoot 3D’s custom insoles are manufactured using the latest 3D technology advances and the best global supply chain processes.

A detailed digital image of the user’s foot impression is developed for designing the customized insoles. The 3D design includes all the modifications needed as per the individual’s unique foot shape, size and condition. The modifications are incorporated directly into the 3D-printed hard-shell to ensure the highest levels of clinical accuracy.

Once manufactured, the insoles are delivered to the user’s mailing address within 2 weeks - ready to be inserted inside the shoe of their choice.

How to order insole

CuraFoot 3D Custom Orthotics vs Competition

In controlled clinical trials, CuraFoot 3D’s Functional Orthotics were found to be significantly better than competition – both functional orthotics (polypropylene and carbon-fiber) and accommodative orthotics (EVA).

The graph provides patient feedback on different product parameters highlighting the weight, flexibility and durability of the custom insoles.

Product Comparison Graph

Custom Orthotics Improve Body Alignment

Provides relief from Back Pain, Knee Pain, Heel Pain, Ankle Pain.

imbalance science functional orthotics

As we age, our gait automatically adjusts to overcome foot related conditions - ranging from flat foot to pronation to plantar fasciitis. This causes bio-mechanical misalignments in most of us. Lack of alignment forces some muscles, joints and bones to work harder while others are less utilized. Over time we develop back, knee, leg or foot pain.

Physiotherapy may provide some relief, but it fails to correct the underlying biomechanical problems causing the pain. By using Custom orthotics, users can address many of these underlying gait and alignment issues. Through regular usage of custom orthotic it is possible for our muscles, joints or bones to go back to their neutral state.

Space-age 3D Technology in Every Step

curafoot 3d science

CuraFoot 3D is an affordable 3D-printing platform that offers slim profile & durable custom orthotic insoles to both clinicians and consumers. CuraFoot 3D’s tech platform provides a much higher level of accuracy over heat molded polypropylene and carbon functional orthotics available in the market today.

Clinicians can order their insoles through their C-Fab lab partners or contact CuraFoot 3D to source clinically modified 3D shells for their own clinics.

The newly launched OTC range of products are now available without prescriptions.

Clinical Modifications

clinical insoles modification

Some of the clinical modifications made by CuraFoot 3D, based on the user’s needs, include:

  • Arch raise (Flat Foot etc)
  • Lateral Wedge (Supination)
  • Medial Wedge (Pronation)
  • Heel raise (Leg Length Difference)
  • Heel Depression (Heel Pain)
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