CuraFoot 3D is now available without a prescription over-the-counter (OTC)

Insoles for Foot


  • CuraFoot 3D is the leading 3D printed functional orthotic used by clinicians
  • Consumers with recurring back pain, knee pain and foot pain may have body alignment issues due to flat foot, pronation, supination, plantar fasciitis etc.
  • The OTC product range includes basic clinical modifications such as high arch, medial wedge, lateral wedge, heel raise and heel depression to address these common foot conditions.


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What Clients Say

“I got my feet scanned at CuraFoot Clinic and ordered a pair of custom insoles. Over many years I have suffered from Mortons Neuroma. This condition is very painful and I had serious difficulty walking even short distances. However, the insoles have been fantastic – and I now do not worry about walking on the road or at office. The whole CuraFoot experience was very professional. Thank you!”

Suparna Mondol

55 yrs

“I went to the CuraFoot Clinic after having a painful toe for a couple of months. The insoles have made my pain so much better! They also advised about what kind of exercises would help too. A very good service!”

Manish Gupta

40 yrs

“As a regular golfer, over the last year I have increasingly been suffering from foot aches and pains. I got a custom fitted sports insoles from CuraFoot recently. These slip into my shoes, replacing the flimsy insole that came with the shoes originally. I feel the custom insoles give me more stability. I would recommend CuraFoot insoles to others in a similar situation. ”

Projjol Chaudhury

50 yrs

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