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CuraFoot 3D Introduces Affordable Custom Fit Reusable Respirator Mask

CuraFoot 3D is introducing CuraMask 3D, a custom fit reusable respirator mask designed using the latest digital face scan technology and 3D printing. In heavy use work environments (Clinical/ Retail/ Warehouse/ Manufacturing) where N95 or Respirator Masks are being used by staff, using CuraMask 3D will lower the cost of Mask PPE by over 50% annually while also using widely available replacement filters. READ MORE

Digital Scan AFO

CuraFoot 3D Launches Digital Scanning Solution for AFOs

AFOs have traditionally required us to use plaster casting or other casting methods to create the patient’s foot impressions. This is a cumbersome process and also requires scheduling a separate session with the patient to perform this casting. Furthermore, there is additional cost in terms of material used, shipping of the cast to the lab etc. CuraFoot 3D now offers the ability for CPOs and Podiatrists to scan their patients using the CuraFoot 3D app and order AFOs through the app directly. CuraFoot 3D’s AFO range includes a wide range including Balance Brace, Gauntlet AFO and Basic AFO.


CuraFoot 3D Presents at the NJ AAOP Annual Symposium

Jay Raju, President of Cura BioMed, Inc. led a session at the NJ AAOP Annual Symposium in Atlantic City from November 7-9, 2018 to leading CPos from New Jersey and the adjacent states on 3D Printing – Value & Benefits in Orthotics & Prosthetics. Jay had the opportunity to share our pathbreaking 3D printed orthotics to the CPO community and also share with them the benefits and challenges in using 3D printing technology in prosthetics and orthotics.


CuraFoot 3D Launches Non-Prescription version of Custom Insoles (Orthotics)

CuraFoot 3D non-prescription custom insoles are available in a range of five types of top layers to address specific usage needs of consumers ranging from simple all day wear to performance athletics. Most of the range of custom insoles are also available as inserts (3/4 length) for small shoes and with a traction ridge for heels apart from the classic insoles which can be fitted into most sneakers and regular shoes. The ordering process has been designed as a seamless experience following which the consumers will receive a Foot Impression Kit at home to take accurate measurements of their feet to design their custom insoles.


3D Printed SMO & UCBL Featured @ APMA National Showcases

CuraFoot 3D, the global leader in 3D printed clinical custom orthotics is showcasing its 3D printed SMO and UCBL orthotics at the American Podiatric Medicine Association’s annual conference, The National from July 12-15 at the Gaylor Convention Centre in Washington, DC. CuraFoot3D functional orthotics incorporates all the clinical corrections available in traditional EVA Foam orthotics. The detailed quality parameters of the assessment will be shared at the National as well with clients visiting our booth 1009.


LER Magazine Features CuraFoot 3D as a Pioneer in 3D Orthotics

Lower Extremity Review (LER) is the leading publication on lower extremity information for practitioners in the fields of Podiatry, Physical Therapy, O&P Pedorthics, and Orthopedics. The April edition of the LER Magazine included a comprehensive article on 3D orthotics with a perspective on a variety of technologies, products and solution providers who are leading the efforts to bring 3D printing into the mainstream of custom orthotics. The article is available online at this link.


1st Time Exhibitor - CuraFoot 3D Featured at AAOP Conference

CuraFoot 3D, the global leader in 3D printed clinical custom orthotics is participating in the annual Academy Conference conducted by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) in New Orleans from February 14 – 17, 2018.