Prescribe the best functional orthotics. Ask your C-fab laboratory or source hard-shells for in-house finishing

CuraFoot 3D is an affordable and unique 3D printing technology based custom orthotics solution which offers slim-profile, durable insoles incorporating the same clinical correction as available in traditional EVA foam orthotics with a significantly higher degree of accuracy over heat molded polypropylene and carbon-fiber based functional orthotics..

The CuraFoot 3D solution has been designed to integrate seamlessly with the current workflows between clinicans and their C-fab laboratory partner or in-house finishing facilities.

  1. A C-fab laboratory merely has to add CuraFoot 3D to it’s products in the Order Form.
  2. Upload the order form and scan images to CuraFoot 3D’s website.
  3. CuraFoot 3D, then takes care of design as per the clinical modifications on the Order Form, manufactures the durable shell in state of the art manufacturing facilities across the US and ships them to the C-fab laboratory or in-house lab for finishing.

Product workflow